Know a great neighbor in Durham? Here’s an easy way to say thanks.

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Neighbor Spotlight winner Estella Bell with Mayor Steve Schewel.

The City of Durham has a new program aimed at recognizing the people who makes our lives better in ways big and small—our neighbors.

Durham is taking Neighbor Spotlight nominations, and a resident, or group of residents, will be recognized each month.

Do you have a neighbor who has gone above and beyond to improve the community? Here are some of the neighborly traits they’re looking for:

  • increase involvement of other neighbors
  • work to improve the safety and security of their neighborhoods
  • connect residents with community and supportive services
  • improve the quality of life in their communities

Winners will be presented with a certificate by the Mayor, they’ll be highlighted in official websites and newsletters, and they’ll even get a yard sign. It’s a way to show appreciation for those unsung heroes who make Durham a great place to live.

Click here to learn more and submit a nomination.

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