Food & Nutrition: How one woman turned tragedy into a healthy new lifestyle

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On March 23, SEEDS in downtown Durham held an event with Chantel Johnson called “Gun Violence to Homesteading,” where she shared her story of survival that leads to her passion for homesteading in North Carolina. Johnson is from inner-city Chicago. Her community was predominately black, high in crime, and lacked in resources. She mentioned the high risk of gun-related deaths in Chicago and also the lack of Level 1 trauma centers to assist in proper treatment for … Read More

Meet Jonaé Brown: Senior Communications Intern

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In March we welcomed Jonaé Brown to the Healthy Durham 20/20 team as our inaugural Senior Communications Intern. A soon-to-be graduate of North Carolina Central University, Jonaé will be with us part-time for a term of approximately one year, helping us talk to the people of Durham County on social media and in-person at events around the area. To help … Read More

Opinion: Cancer disparities are shrinking, but the work of health equity is just getting started

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By Niasha Fray, MA, MSPH As I read reports that the disparities in cancer incidence and survival between African-Americans and whites are shrinking, I find myself encouraged, but also thinking about a patient I worked with a few years ago as a medication adherence counselor. This well-educated, successful African-American woman gave up her career to take care of her aging … Read More