Durham County Mother Baby group

Goal 1: Identify needs and facilitate capacity building to impact health equity in Durham.

  • In 2017 the Healthy Durham 20/20 partners gathered Durham data on the concerns of community members and various leaders, ranked them based on repetition from different sources and highlighted those that already had community action and growing momentum.
  • The following top four are the Healthy Durham 20/20 focal areas: Early Childhood Education and Development, A Just Food System (Food/Nutrition), Housing, and Jobs.
  • After speaking with local content experts in Early Childhood Development and Education and those working to create a More Just Food System in Durham we have identified specific capacities that organizations need to have in order to actualize their goals to scale up programs and improve policies in Durham. 

Goal 2: Promote innovative partnerships among community organizations and sectors to improve health equity in Durham.

  • Healthy Durham 20/20 partners are an example of this goal. Every two years we do a strategic plan crosswalk to see how each partner organization can leverage the resources of other partners to better accomplish health equity as they serve the Durham community.  As such we have worked to bring leaders within each of their sectors together to discover innovative partnerships that will help them to be more effective in their goals to improve health for everyone in Durham.
  • Our partners also contribute to various task forces in Durham. Through collaboratives, partnerships, and sharing information about the progress of each group in order to raise visibility, enhance efforts, and inform strategic decisions. 
  • Moving forward, Healthy Durham 20/20 partners will serve as conveners of diverse and resource (social, human, and capital) rich organizations to discover new ways that they can work together to reach their collective goals.

Goal 3: Amplify the work going on in Durham to improve health equity.

  • Healthy Durham 20/20 launched a website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page.
  • Published our first print materials, Healthy Durham Digest, and partnered with Durham Magazine to produce sponsored content for each of their issues over the course of a year. 
  • Internet sites and publications allow us to share information about health equity efforts in Durham across a diverse audience to inspire engagement and collaboration.

Community members and Healthy Durham 20/20 staff at a community listening session.

Goal 4: Be a trusted partner within our community.

  • Host community engagement discussions and listening sessions to find out what the Durham community would like to have changed and how they want to be apart of the change to improve health for everyone in Durham. 
  • Publish community engagement reports so people in Durham can hear the community voice in order to act on their suggestions as well as develop strategic partnerships and innovative programs. 
  • Deploy a metrics and evaluation plan that centers the voice of the community in our evaluation of the effectiveness of Healthy Durham 20/20. 

Want to learn more? Download and read the complete Healthy Durham 20/20 Strategic Plan here.